The connection with nature and intergenerational relations are the starting point in these artistic and aesthetic considerations.

The artist, in a way which is characteristic for her, with a large dose of sensitivity, attentiveness and tenderness, which can be seen in her series of paintings of female images, rises above previous experiences through an abstract form.

Harmoniously combining colours, she gives a sense of solace and peace, only to turn the next moment to dynamic structures and combinations, introducing colours and shades to her paintings that she has not used before.

It is a record of emotions accompanying the creation of images

It is an artistic interpretation, a metaphor of nature and man, where the root-like lines represent intergenerational connections.

Regular processes in nature are similar to repetitive cultural and generational codes.

In this context, the layers of structures and textures created on Głodek’s canvases symbolize human emotionality and become a reference to structures in nature.

The painting cycle started in 2022


ORIGIN series