Magdalena Glodek

Was born on May 4, 1983 in Otwock.
She graduated from the painting studio under the supervision of
prof. Czesław Pius Ciapałoat the College of Arts in Warsaw.
Over several years, she worked on her own workshop and technique,
which she is currently developing and perfecting.
Illustrator and painter, she creates abstractions and figurations within four cycles:
Permeation (since 2018), Point of View (since 2020), Change (since 2021), Origin (since 2022).
In her works, she uses a limited color palette.
Her original technique consists of often adding fine-grained sand to paints.
Głodek chooses aesthetic forms, believing that the beautiful exterior of the works
catches the eye in order to make the viewer stop and find the underlying message.
Most of her works are commissioned by private collectors in Poland and abroad.

She cooperates with selected organizers of the art market in Poland and abroad.
She has organized a number of exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including:

„Origin” duoshow Magdalena Abakanowicz Magdalena Głodek
Centre of Stock Exchange Warsaw 2023
“Origin/Alberte” Alberte hotel, Paris, 2023
“RM58 Recykling Art” Warsaw Home, 2022
“Transience” exhibition in the urban space, Nowy Świat 29, Warsaw, 2022
“15 stories” Defabryka, 2019
Gdel&Friends as part of the “Night of Museums”,
2019 Wawa Design, 2017



September 2017 – Wawa Design March 2019 – TSD Gallery May 2019 – Night of Museums, Gdel & Friends exhibition October 2019 – Defabryka exhibition “15historii” (“15stories) November 2019 – Hevre Kraków “15history” (“15stories) exhibition September 2020 – The “Sense” exhibition at the Klinika Na Nowo in Warsaw January 2021 – Collective exhibition “Feminine Side of Art” by Defabryka in Warsaw July 2022 – Volatillity Nowy świat 29, Warsaw May 2023 Origin exhibition duo show with Magdalena Abakanowicz, Centre of Stock Exchange in Warsaw July 2023 Gdynia Design Days , Elle Decoration exhibition PUBLICATIONS: Design projects published in Elle Decoration, M jak Mieszkanie, Dobre Wnętrze Interview in Dobre Wnętrze Magazine 3/2019 Interview with Konik Kreatywny episode 18 Appearance on TV Dzień Dobry TVN November 2021 Publication in Label 12-01 / 2022