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art collection made for a boutique hotel
in Paris

Magdalena Głodek is a constantly developing artist who is always looking for new forms of artistic expression of feeling emotions and relationships.            Not complacent despite her achievements so far, right now she is working on the series of paintings called “Origin”, expressing herself and her emphatic feeling of the World through an abstract form.

A collection of “Origin/Alberte” paintings is created as part of the “Origin” series. The inspiration for its creation is the context connecting the owners of the collection with the production of high-quality cognac and wine corks.

The connection with nature and intergenerational relations are the starting point in these artistic and aesthetic considerations. The artist, in a way which is characteristic for her, with a large dose of sensitivity, attentiveness and tenderness, which can be seen in her series of paintings of female images, rises above previous experiences through an abstract form.

Harmoniously combining colours, she gives a sense of solace and peace, only to turn the next moment to dynamic structures and combinations, introducing colours and shades to her paintings that she has not used before.Maroon and all shades derived from it bring to mind the colour and liquid structure of the drink. Strong colour accents, black and deep earthiness, appear neatly, organically emerging from the palette of gray and white. Crimson sensually spills over and binds the other colours and textural elements, although contrasting and dominant in its palette, here consists aesthetically under the texture of paints.

The structure of these textural canvases can be felt under the touch. Each trace of paint, layer by layer, consistently applied, creates a record of history in the artist’s creative process. It is a record of emotions accompanying the creation of images, and in relation to the series, a record of intergenerational passions and winemaking traditions.

The pieces clearly refer to nature, the landscape of vineyards, linearly arranged rows of vines.

Similarities with Tortula Compniacensis, a mushroom used in the process of manufacturing cognac, can be found in the structure of the pieces.

Liquid, organic forms are inspired by the natural environment of French vineyards, and changes and processes taking place in it.

It is an artistic interpretation, a metaphor of nature and man, where the root-like lines represent intergenerational connections.

Regular processes in nature are similar to repetitive cultural and generational codes.

In this context, the layers of structures and textures created on Głodek’s canvases symbolize human emotionality and become a reference to structures in nature.


Origin/Alberte is a unique art collection made for a boutique hotel Alberte in the historic 7th arrondissement of Paris. The art collection contains 24 paintings